Moving to a new place is the best time to clean out your closets, shake out the basement and attic, and get rid of the junk in the garage that you no longer have use for.  A garage or yard sale is a great way to get rid of these things — and to make some extra cash at the same time. Here are 8 sensible garage sale tips to help make your next garage sale a big success!

Garage Sale Tips

1. Advertise

Advertising your garage sale like crazy beforehand!  It’s vital for guaranteeing you have customers at your disposal. Putting an ad on your local Craigslist can be a great way to get word of your sale out. Place posts with your neighborhood group. on the day of, make easily read and clearly understood directional signs.

2. Price tags

Decide on whether or not you want to put price tags on your items. You may want to leave stickers off certain items so you can haggle for a price that works for you or if you prefer to sit back and let people see what you may want upfront. Some shoppers prefer price stickers on smaller items like knick-knacks, jewelry, trinkets, and toys.

3. Arrange Items in a Show Worthy Way

Place and arrange the items you want to sell with curb appeal in mind. You want people to see lots of things, especially your most desirable items, easily from the street as they drive by. As people walk up, keep in mind you want to create “showroom traffic flow,” just like retails stores do. Have a logical pathway through and past your goods. Place small things up on tables where they are easily reachable and closer to the eyes. Put desirable items toward the back of “your store” so people have to walk past other merchandise you are offering.

4. Be Communicative

Meet and greet people as they come up. Ask them if there is anything special they are looking for. You might just sell that old aquarium you left in the house.

5. Think about Offering  Light Refreshments for Free

On a hot day, bottled water or soft drinks will be much appreciated and keep people on site longer. Serving a variety of brand recognizable cookies like Oreos can be a nice touch. Supply small napkins and a conveniently placed trash receptacle. Never serve sticky foods or things that will cause a mess on your goods.

6. Be flexible

Be sure to be flexible with your price points. Remember, people come to garage sales to find great deals and bargains, so you should expect people will low-ball you. Keep in mind that the goal for your transaction is to get rid of things. Have fun and indulge in a bit of haggling!

7. Have small bills and coins ready

Make sure to take a trip to the bank beforehand and get yourself a good supply of small bills and a little loose change to make change.

8. Donate

Arrange beforehand to donate to a worthy charity the things you don’t sell. Just because you didn’t sell something doesn’t mean you suddenly need it at your new home. Charitable groups will often prearrange a time to send a truck or van over for pickup.

These are just some of the garage sale tips to make things run smoothly. Try and think about running your garage sale the way retail establishments do.

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