The process of moving is usually difficult in its own right, let alone when you factor a high-rise building into the equation. Proper planning and organization are key when moving in these situations as they pose a variety of obstacles and problems that you may not be aware of. Here are a few things to consider while figuring out a high rise move.

Before the High Rise Move

Know Your Building Policies

Some high-rise buildings require you contact them before you move in to reserve a set time to do it. Failure to set an appointment may end up costing you a sizable fine. Do a little bit of research beforehand and find out what your building’s policy on moving in is. Property managers can be picky because of elevator access, fire codes, or outside parking issues when the van arrives.

Minimize Your Move

The high-rise building you’re moving into could be smaller than where you were previously living, so be sure to take that into account. The most difficult thing about having to downsize or estimate your goods is that you need to remember that moving into a high-rise building often involves several trips; up and down the stairs or elevator so you want to keep your items to a minimum.

Reserve a Luggage Cart & Elevator

This goes along with knowing your building policies, but when you reserve a time to move in, it’s also a good idea to reserve a luggage cart and an elevator for you to use. Some buildings require back elevators be used for moving and may not inform you of this when you reserve your move in time.

The Top Luxury High Rise Mover in Las Vegas

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