When you’re a bookworm, you understand the struggle of packing and unpacking books when it comes time to move. Even if you’re not a big book fan, you know that books are heavy—about 3 or 4 books can weigh you down and can be hard to carry in a bag. Here are some tips for packing books, so they don’t weigh down your whole move.

Tips for Packing Books

Do Some “Spring Cleaning”

The best thing about books is that they are not fragile and are relatively durable. So they don’t require wrapping or special care. You can pack a lot of them in a short period of time. The problem is, however, it doesn’t many of them for a box of books to become really heavy. As we always say, the best way to pack efficiently is to get rid of a bunch of stuff first. Surely, you can find some books you’ve read, digested, and don’t envision needing again in the future. Consider donating them to a library, school, or senior care center.

Sort Your Books 

With a goal of reducing the amount of books you have to move, here’s a good way to sort them. First of all, set up two piles for books: one pile is for books you want to keep, the other is for those you are going to donate or trash. It may be hard to choose, but attempt to make these piles as evenly sized as possible.

Gather Up Supplies

While packing books may not require much special treatment, they still should still be packed with care That means gathering up the packing supplies you’d normally use for most of your other things. Packing paper, boxes, tape, and bubble wrap or newspapers. And remember, when packing books, smaller boxes are better. Nothing worse than deadlifting a 50 pound cardboard box of books!

Use a Suitcase

If you don’t want to use boxes to pack and transport your books, you might consider using a sturdy suitcase. A suitcase with rollers, if not being packed with clothing, can be a perfect solution. It does a good job of holding heavy books and is less susceptible to damage.

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