Retail and Hospitality FF&E Services

When it comes to FF&E installation services in Las Vegas, there is no better partner than Red Carpet Moving Company. With decades of experience and a vested interest in your success, we’re the best people to provide FF&E services.

At Red Carpet Moving Company, we know the importance of branding. With the proper installation, your store, gallery, or warehouse will attract the right clientele and increase your profit. 

From luxury brand installations to retail displays, we’ve got the physical power, the equipment, and the know-how to install all loose fixtures, furniture, and equipment with a 100% success rate. 

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Red Carpet Moving Company Provides Expert FF&E Installation Services

FF&E installations refer to furniture, fixtures, and equipment installations, which means setting up everything that makes your space look good. If you’re a retailer, FF&E services can be a lifesaver. 

You can use them to show off your business name, logo, or art pieces, making your store or gallery look even more professional. Imagine you have a beautiful sculpture or fixture you want to display, but you’re unsure how to do it. 

That’s where FF&E installers come in! They’ll help you safely move, place, and install your items so your space looks fantastic. But not all FF&E installers are created equal. 

Luckily, at the Red Carpet Moving Company, we are one of the best. With over 20 years of experience, we’re the experts you can trust to get the job done right.

We can confidently say we’re the best FF&E installers around. And here’s why: 

  • Specialized Equipment: FF&E installations aren’t a job to be done lightly. Most companies will use standard moving equipment or rent it from another company. But we own specialized equipment that allows us to safely and consistently provide results for our clients. 
  • We’re Experienced: We’re FF&E installation experts. Our installation crew receives specialized training and works exclusively for us. We don’t employ day labor that puts your installs at risk. The team members we send are experts in the field and will use creative problem-solving and teamwork to guarantee the success of your installation. 
  • White Glove Services: We’re a white glove Las Vegas moving company. Our services are of the highest caliber. We provide professional and clean services that ensure all fragile, expensive, or luxury items are handled with the utmost care. 

Why Choose Red Carpet Moving FF&E Installation Services? 

Red Carpet Moving Company provides comprehensive installation services that cover a wide range of displays. 

But before we get into our services, here is what you can look forward to when partnering with Red Carpet Moving Company. 

  • Single Point Of Contact: We’ll assign a project manager to coordinate and inventory your Las Vegas FF&E install to ensure efficiency. The project manager will also regularly update you on the progress of your installation. 
  • Air-Ride Trucks & Containers: Displays, fixtures, furniture, and equipment will be moved in air-ride trucks and specialized containers. This will guarantee the safety of your art pieces and fixtures.
  • Storage Services: If you require storage services during your move, we provide dedicated FF&E storage solutions. The storage units are under 24/7 surveillance, and the storage facilities are also climate controlled. 
  • Minimum Downtime: We’re the company for you if you want fast FF&E installation services. We’ll quickly and safely install your items while keeping your downtime to as little as possible.

Partner With Red Carpet Moving Company For FF&E Installation Services

Get ready to roll out the red carpet for your clients with Red Carpet Moving Company and say goodbye to installation woes. 

Since our start in 2004, we’ve gained a reputation as one of the best moving companies in Las Vegas, with many exceptional services. One of our most popular is FF&E installation services. 

We always bring our A game with FF&E installs because a great install can start a successful business endeavor. 

We have the tools to provide you with that smooth start or transition. All you need to do is get in touch with the friendly Red Carpet Moving Company team, and we’ll start planning your FF&E install according to your needs!

Store Window Display Installation Solutions

No matter your FF&E installation needs, Red Carpet Moving Company has the equipment and the experience to take care of it for you! Some of our store window display solutions include:

High-End Installation

Red Carpet Moving Company is your partner if you need high-end installation services. 

Not only do we have the equipment to handle all your installation needs, but we can guarantee the safety of your items during transport. With air trucks, crating and wrapping services, and high-quality rigging and installation equipment, we can ensure the longevity of your installation. 

Luxury Brands Installation

Luxury brands need installation services of a higher caliber than most. With white glove services, air trucks, specialized equipment, and expert FF&E installers, we can guarantee a move and install that matches the quality of your establishment. 

Retail Displays Installation

It would be best if you had a display that draws in customers to stand out from the crowd and draw in customers. But installing that display can be tricky. 

Luckily, we’ve got the equipment and experience to handle it for you. No matter how high, big, or complicated, Red Carpet Moving Company can successfully install your display while keeping your downtime close to zero.


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