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Red Carpet Moving Company is a local and international fine art relocation company with some of the best fine art handlers in the industry.

We’re industry professionals with decades of experience and a dedication to exceptional services.

For guaranteed satisfaction and the best fine art moving, crating, installation, and storage services, Red Carpet Moving Company is your partner.

Get in with our office at 702-920-7555, and let’s discuss all your fine art needs and how we can meet them. 

fine art handlers
fine art handling

What Makes Us Professionals In Art Installation?

Red Carpet Moving Company has been in the moving, storage, and art installation industry for decades. 

Since our start in 2004, we’ve adopted old methods and modern technology to create a fine and heavy art installation that is foolproof and efficient. 

For this reason, we’re confident we have what you need for your art installation.

With fine art handling, nothing matters more than experience. 

And what that experience has taught us is: 

  • Creativity Is A Necessity: To us, fine art handling is a creative exercise. No two pieces or installation processes are the same. And the best way to deal with these issues is through creative problem-solving. 
  • Teamwork Makes The Dream Work: When our crews pool their resources, they become unstoppable. They can handle any issues that arise from the art move and installation project through collaborative listening and thinking.  
  • Teamwork Includes You: When you work with us, you become part of the family. We do our best to open communication and listen to your concerns about the art. And besides, nobody knows the art better than you. That’s why we always listen to your valuable insights. 

These principles are our driving force. They’ve allowed us to become one of the state’s most trusted and reputable art movers and installers. You can also count on these principles to guide us to move and install your art safely. 

Art Handling Services By Red Carpet Moving Company

Red Carpet Moving Company provides comprehensive fine art handling services. These services include: 

  • De-installation: If your art piece is still installed, worry not. Red Carpet Moving Company can de-install the piece for you. We’ll use top-tier equipment and experience to quickly and safely remove your art piece and prepare it for relocation. 
  • Wrapping & Crating: After removing the art piece, it’s time to prepare it for relocation. We’ll wrap the art securely and determine what crating services would work the best to ensure maximum security. 
  • Relocation: Next, we’ll safely move your art piece to your home, museum, gallery, storage unit, etc. Before the move, our trucks will be serviced to ensure peak performance. We’ll also clean and prepare the truck for the art. 
  • Installation: We’ll safely remove the art piece from the truck at your new destination with teamwork and our specialized moving equipment. We’ll install the art piece to your liking and only leave when you are satisfied with the outcome. 
  • Storage: Earlier, we mentioned taking your art piece to storage. If you need a storage unit, Red Carpet Moving Company can help. We provide temperature and climate-controlled storage units that are constantly under surveillance. You can safely store your art with us. 

Of course, no two moving jobs are the same. Whether you want to downsize the service or add additional help, we’ve got you covered. We’ll tailor the art handling experience to your unique needs. You can trust your next fine art move in your capable hands. We’ll give it the white-glove service it deserves. 

We Can Handle It All: Sculptures, Antiques, Paintings, And More!

We handle all your art relocation needs at Red Carpet Moving, including paintings, sculptures, antiques, chandeliers, and more. Not sure if we can handle your specific art piece? 

Give us a call, and we’ll discuss the dimensions and installation process to see how we can help. But trust us, we’re confident we can handle any art relocation job you have. 

Our state-of-the-art moving equipment and experienced team allow us to safely move even the most significant and most delicate art pieces. We’re the best in the business and take pride in our ability to rig your art pieces with precision and care. 

Plus, we offer art insurance to protect against any unfortunate accidents. If we don’t feel confident in moving your art, we’ll be honest with you. We never make overconfident promises that put you, your art, or your peace of mind at risk.

What Managing Art Means to Us

As a Las Vegas-based company at Red carpet Moving, we’re surrounded by art in various forms daily. We appreciate art’s role in shaping the world and its importance for human progress. That’s why we’re passionate about providing top-notch art relocation services. 

We understand that your art is invaluable and that entrusting strangers with it requires an enormous leap of faith. When you partner with us, we take that responsibility very seriously. From our first contact, we give it our all to ensure your art is moved and managed safely and efficiently. 

We use creative problem-solving, teamwork, and state-of-the-art equipment to move your art without any issues. You can trust us to handle your art with the utmost care from the moment we receive it until it’s installed in its new home.

Give us a call today and let’s show you how we give your fine art the red carpet treatment. You and your art deserve nothing less than the best!


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